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Gold Loan Software

Gold Loan Software helps in managing gold loan accounting and interest rate calculation in extremely easy way. The gold loan software helps in managing secured and unsecured loan with party information, interest calculation and loan reminders. The gold loan software has more than 50 reports which are required to submit to renew the gold loan license. This gold loan software is used by many Pawnbrokers for managing their gold loan accounting and calculation. The computer code has terribly easy-to-use and offers many helpful options that assists to keep up records of gold, payment pursuit, loan proceeding, Loan instalment buying etc.

It manages the records of customers and streamline the processes of lone to reduce the turnaround time and total cost, decrease risk and enhance profitability of the company. This software manages all types of interest rates (adjustable, fixed etc.), conventions and time periods for calculating the number of days in a period. This lending software automates the entire lending life cycle- from customer acquisition to recovery. It is specially designed to cater to the technological needs of the pawn shop, pawn broker, pawn broking, gold loan finance, jewel finance services industry. All integrated with accounts that suppor the pawn broker to maintain their accounts management with ease of usability. This Gold loan software has facility to create any number of different Loan Types and Interest scheme types. This loan accounting software will save your time and money by handling all of these features.

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Taking a loan against gold is a major decision for customers – it could be for a new house, education, medical issues or personal reasons. Today’s modern customer wants to feel reassured that if they take a loan with their gold articles, it will be handled with utmost efficiency and care by the organization. G-tech web solutions Gold loan Software enable for ‘Loan against Gold’ as a security. It is powerful and easy to use software that allows you to calculate, analyze and optimize your gold loan schedules. The Software is specially designed & developed automates Calculate the entire loan processing and tracking of premiums.

It offers several useful features that assist to maintain record of gold, Loan installment plan etc. Clients pledge their gold bars or ornaments to the company as bond to get the credit. It is fully secured loan where gold is taken as collateral and a part of the gold value is sanctioned as the loan amount. The Gold Loan Software which understands the technological needs of a complex loan product like gold loan & the needs of the jewel finance sector. G Tech web Solutions Gold Loan software, it is an advanced way to manage the records of customers and streamline the processes of lone to reduce the turnaround time and total cost, decrease risk and enhance profitability of the company. G tech web Solutions Gold Loan software helps to handle all the complexities of gold loan financing business, its records business statistics, maintenance, accounting jobs etc easy and error free.Before planning to buy software please visit us for gold loan software demo,get information gold loan software price and how to get gold loan software free download completely. Though gold loan software in kerala is now doing monopoly business,however we provide our software service all over INDIA.

Account posting time can be reduced by online account posting. This is the online web, Desktop & Mobile Based Gold Loan management Software. Gold Loan software is Clean, Simple, Intuitive, Reliable, Efficient, Pleasant and user-friendly interface. It is not overly complex, but straightforward, providing quick access to common features or commands. G-tech web solutions top,best,cheap Gold Loan Software has enhanced in operational efficiency with optimization of the business process. The amount of loan to be disbursed is decided on the basis of the income source and repayment capacity of the applicant. Loan origination software is a set of revolutionary tools which enhance the agility, speed, and transparency of an organization’s holistic lending solutions for customers. It helps financial organizations and banks to completely automate gold loan management processes to achieve a high level of cost-savings and provide a better experience to valued customers.


Gold loan management software helps pawn service providers to develop and streamline the overall process and accuracy of the organization through its several useful and research driven features and functionalities.


Gold Loan software is the online web & Mobile Based.

Gold Loan software is very user friendly that User are not required to..

Accelerates The Customer Service & Enhances Productivity.

Flexible and affordable pricing structure enabling Company to..

Accelerates The Customer Service & Enhances Productivity.

Error free, on-line account posting reduce account posting time.

Centralized Documentation for Instant Access from..

This software for gold loan finance accounting software is

Instalment Planning & Payment Tracking

Provides Transparent & Easily Comprehensible Portrait of Facts & Figures.

The system has a simple graphic user interface and features a logical distribution of functions.

It is Simple, Clean, Intuitive, Reliable, Efficient, Pleasant.

Reminds Important Points Like Instalment Date, Overdue Amount and So On.

Providing quick access to common features or commands.

Gold Loan software is a complete Robust solution for Gold Loan management Software.

All integrated with accounts that help the pawn broker to..

Reduced Turnaround Time & Thus Reduced Overall Cost.


Any individual person or business, who lends money in exchange of valuable objects like gold, can be identified as ‘Pawnbroker’. Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software designs and develops software for pawn shops transacting in pawn, buy outright, and check cashing, payday and title loans. Most importantly programs for managing pawns keep track of all information related to pawns: customer’s identification and contact information, the items pawned, dates in and due, the periods or durations of the loans, fees (if any) and interest, and transaction or ticket numbers.

More complete programs will also have provisions for buy outright or resale, check cashing, payday and title loans, layaways, rentals and military-lending compliance regulations. Pawn broking management system is a complete automation solution for pawn Brokers. The Software offers a base system and key functional areas that offer a wide number of different Loan and Interest types. A pawnshop needs especially technological advantages to address the shop management, gold related finance management etc. All accounts are integrated with the main system to make the management simple and clear. This is a comprehensive yet user friendly pawn shop computer program available in both single user and multi-user versions. This will save your time and money by handling all of these features. This gives pawn brokers the ability to monitor, control, and adapt on a minute by minute basis. G tech web Solutions Pawn broker software is not just about capturing a transaction; a great pawn broker software program will help the pawn broker optimize the loan balance by identify if there are any new revenue opportunity or losing revenues. It grants user friendly Pawn management system which is quick and powerful.

We know that new age pawnbroker needs more quality and performance to cope up with competition. This software for Pawn Broking, Pawn Broker, Pawn Shop, Jewel Loan Finance and Gold Finance Companies, has been developed using the latest in technologies and greatly expands on the functionality of previous versions. Jewel finance business can be strengthened if the accounting process can be integrated with pawn management. It has recognized the need for a comprehensive series of systems in the pawn broking market that are reliable, easy to use and relevant to the industry. With multi-level grouping of accounts and built in automatic ledger posting simplifies the whole process. For example when need to do new Pawn Ticket entry creation; system will do a payment entry for you. This will save your time and money by handling all of these features.


Requirements Analysis

1. Reduce Manual work, Increase free time.
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2. Maximize profit for business and reduce losses.
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3. Improved productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.
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4. Better and more improved customer service levels satisfaction.
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5. Integrated accounting management helps to avoid the audit submitting process.
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6. Quick decision making and find key information fast.
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7. Standard interest calculation that keep away from income loss and manmade error.
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8. Overall improvement in business reporting and management.

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